Unlikely Heroes of Fallcrest

Battle of Fallcrest

The Iron Circle attacked Fallcrest with a monstrous force. The heroes were stationed on the north wall, where figting was expected to be the fiercest. However, they stood against the onslaught well, fighting a horde of soldiers, orcs, ogres, and even a pair of dragons.

After fending off those threats, the heroes were forced to run to the north gate, which had broken under the strain of an ogre attack. However, the adventurers were able to take charge of the situation quickly, and Niir was able to barter peace with Irontooth, causing the Iron Circle troops to withdraw.

At this point, the heroes were able to relax for a moment, thinking the battle to be over. However, they were soon approached by Dar Gremath, who told them that enemies had been sighted coming from Serim Selduzar’s old house. It quickly became obvious that the entire attack against Fallcrest had been a distraction.

The heroes hurried toward Selduzar’s house, only to be stopped by some kobolds, who had seen a group of Iron Circle soldiers heading into the catacombs. Not having time to spare, the heroes sent Kaltis and Aughran with a detachment of soldiers to close the portal in Selduzar’s house, while the heroes (accompanied by Dar Gremath) set off for the catacombs.

It didn’t take too long to find where the Iron Circle troops had broken through a cavern wall into a long disused portion of the catacombs. The heroes hurried on and quickly killed a small group of IC troops that had been waiting in ambush.

In the next room, they surprised a group of Iron Circle troops, Selduzar among them, who were intent upon a pit in the center of the floor. Across the room, Selduzar and another mage were chanting a spell. Once the battle broke out, the two mages continued to chant, not taking time to attack the heroes.

As the group of adventurers engaged the enemy, they began to focus on a powerful dragonborn. They eventually realized that he was Lord Vhennyk. The battle raged on for a while, but it gradually became clear that the heroes would be victorious. Niir and Tyria focused their attacks on the mages, and eventually succeeded in killing Selduzar. But before they could kill the other mage, the portal opened, and a monstrous demon began to climb out — Torog himself!

As the heroes gazed in wonder, Kael noticed that his mighty sword, Hellbringer, had begun to glow a fierce red in response to the god’s presence. Without thinking, Kael leapt toward Torog, bringing his blade down into the god’s back. With a scream of rage and defiance, Torog fell back through the portal — and Kael fell with him. A blast of energy shot through the cavern ceiling, straight into the sky. The portal immediately closed, and the cavern began to crumble in on itself. As the heroes ran to safety, they saw a large boulder fall onto Vhennyk, presumably killing him.

Over the next several days, the heroes helped in the cleanup effort in the city. They were celebrated as the saviors of Fallcrest, but their hearts remained heavy with the loss of Kael. One night, as they sat around a table at the inn, a young man came inside, leading an old blind woman. He apologized for interrupting the heroes, but said that his grandmother wished to speak with them.

The old woman thanked the group for all they had done for the city, and she offered her condolences for what had happened to their friend. However, she also told them that Kael was not dead, but merely trapped in the Abyss. There may be a way to rescue him, and she proceeded to tell them of one far to the north who might be able to help…



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