Unlikely Heroes of Fallcrest

Cult of Torog

Things are finally coming together. Kaltis reported to the heroes that Serim Selduzar has been attending weekly meetings at Armos Kamroth‘s estate. Many people from town attend, sometimes as many as 30. They all come in robes, but it’s not certain if that’s merely to hide their identities, or if there’s some other reason.

The heroes also receive word from Dar Gremath that spies are reporting heavy Iron Circle activity in the north. Apparently, Lord Vhennyk has been able to gain a foothold in Hammerfast and completely overtake Winterhaven. The spies also report that Vhennyk is interested in Fallcrest, and there may be a group of Iron Circle sympathizers in Fallcrest right now, plotting to take the city from within. Gremath promises to come to Fallcrest soon. Until then, the heroes should stay watchful.

After discussing Gremath’s message with Lord Markelhay, the heroes decided to learn more about what Selduzar and Kamroth were up to. They had Kaltis “interrogate” one of the people who went to the weekly meetings. From that, they learned that Kamroth was leading a cult of Torog worshipers who were set on bringing him into the earthly realm. It also appeared that they were connected with Lord Vhennyk — he was searching for portals in Winterhaven, Hammerfast, and now Fallcrest. After sharing this information with Markelhay, the heroes (and some soldiers) raided the cult’s meeting. They arrested about 5 cult members, including Kamroth. Selduzar escaped further into the caverns beneath Fallcrest.

After persuing Selduzar for some time, the heroes found Tev Markelhay‘s final resting place, after his flight during the battle with the Bloodspear Orcs. Deeper into the caverns, they met some kobolds who were complaining about their leader, an ogre named Snots. The heroes offered to rid them of this ogre, and the kobolds led them deeper into the warren. Snots was wearing the tarnished crown of Tev Markelhay and also had Moonsbane, Aranda Markelhay’s sword, on his hip. The heroes defeated the ogre and returned the crown and sword to Faren Markelhay. They also agreed to keep the kobolds’ presence a secret, and Niir has told their leader, Rysys, that he may be in touch.



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