Unlikely Heroes of Fallcrest


Dar Gremath has arrived, but there is little time for catching up. Spies have reported that the Iron Circle is marching toward Fallcrest and will be there within days. Luckily, the heroes’ stronghold, Brightstone Keep, is south of Fallcrest and shouldn’t see any action. Faren Markelhay has asked the heroes to help shore up defenses along the city’s walls.

Heroes, what suggestions do you have? Fallcrest hasn’t faced a threat this grave since the Bloodstone Orcs attacked, and that battle brought the city to its knees. May the gods keep us from such a fate this time!


I think our strategy depends on several factors. Do we want to call in support beyond our immediate friends (Kaltis, Dar Gremath, etc), such as the Woodsinger Elves or perhaps our newfound Kobold allies?

Also, it’d be nice to know what the city has to offer us in the way of machinery. Do we have a few catapults we could use? Perhaps some cauldrons with boiling oil we could throw down on them?

Next up, we need more info on what we’re up against. Perhaps we could send Tyria to scount ahead to estimate their forces… We’ll need to know numbers, any beasts or special baddies (wizards, dragons, etc) and any machinery they intent to bring to get in.

Traps: Do we have any? How easily can we conceal them outside the walls? What’s the landscape like beyond our walls….and how high are our walls? Will they take ladders to climb, or can they be jumped?

Have we encountered any of their forces before? Perhaps Niir could use “Sending” to have a little chat with their higher ups to look into the reasoning behind the invasion. I seem to remember a goblin we let go…“Sawtooth” was his name or somesuch? Maybe we could start with him and see where that leads.

Lauren, what are your thoughts?


Oops, I meant Irontooth


Wow, I can tell you’ve done this before…

I think it would be a good idea to call in other support. I was thinking about the Woodsinger Elves, but had forgotten about the Kobolds. Just to be clear you’re talking about the ones underneath Fallcrest that we allowed to stay there right? What about our guys at Brightstone Keep? Do we want to risk losing any of them? Is it worth the risk? Is there anyone there that can even fight? Do we have any other allies or creatures at our disposable?

Surely the city has some catapults and cauldrons that we can fill with boiling oil or tar. Or maybe large stones that could be dropped on fellas below the walls trying to get up. Traps are another awesome idea. Are you thinking pits in the ground that are covered, arrows that are triggered, etc.? Also, I’m hoping our walls are tall enough that they need to be climbed; if not we may need to reinforce them as quickly as possible – along with any gates.

Tyria is ready to scout ahead anytime to see what their forces, resources, and powers appear to be. And I think if Niir can find useful information with “sending” then that would be wonderful too.

Nathan what else can you tell us based on what we’ve got so far?


I’d recommend keeping Brightstone as our fallback. If we lose a portion of the city for any reason, we can gather as many friendlies as possible and regroup at Brightstone. It’s to the south, so it should be a fair distance from the fighting. We may want to send Justin out for additional supplies, if we end up sieged for a prolonged period (we’ll need to feed our allies).

Also, we need to buy that armor for Alaina! I forgot that we got enough gold for it in our last outing. Nate, can you send us the info on that as well as more info on city resources (if any) and landscape beyond the walls?

I was indeed thinking of the Kobolds beneath Fallcrest. While they may not be the greatest fighters, they are good thieves and rouges. They could help with trap setting, and harassing the enemy forces while they make camp on their way from the towns to the North. Whichever enemy they can’t kill in his sleep, they could steal loot from!


Some really great ideas! I’ve already sent y’all the stats on the Woodsinger Elves, the Fallcrest Guards, and the Kobolds. We DO have access to catapults and vats of oil. I’ll have the stats ready for those this weekend. Also, buried traps are fine. You’ll have at least two 2×2 pits you can use. Once you look at the map, you can decide where you want them (you don’t have to tell me until one of my bad guys trigger them).

Scouting reports (some of them from Tyria) show Lord Vhennyk’s army to be quite large, though you don’t have an actual count. It’s a mixture of Iron Circle Troops, orcs, goblins, ogres, etc. Some of them are mounted either on drakes, wolves, or manticores. No catapults have been seen, but it’s possible he’ll build some siege machines once they arrive at Fallcrest. Irontooth and his goblins are marching with the Iron Circle, but you never met Irontooth, you met one of his lieutenants — Snilvor.

Also, I’ve equipped Alayna’s new armor (so you’ll need to deduct the money from your total). It brought her AC from 18 to 21 :)


Could we communicate with Snilvor? Perhaps with the intent of having a parlay-style chat with Irontooth prior to the raid?


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