Unlikely Heroes of Fallcrest

Our Adventure So Far

Our tale centers around the town of Fallcrest. Niir, Kael, and Alayna joined together to take up a quest from Lord Faren Markelhay to clear out the travel threats around Kobold Hall. As they finished that adventure, they rescued a young elf ranger named Tyria Mithlass. She decided to join their party.

After Kobold Hall, they helped a young man named Draavil from the town of Blackroot who was searching for his missing fiance. The heroes uncovered an evil cult in the village and eradicated the threat. At that point, Tyria left the group to return to her tribe.

Lord Markelhay then dispatched the heroes to Harkenwold where an invading band of mercenaries (the Iron Circle) had taken control of the area and imprisoned Baron Stockmer. Early in the adventure, the heroes teamed up with a githzerai monk named Dak. The adventurers began work with the Harkenwold Resistance, let by Dar Gremath. One of their first tasks was to convince the Woodsinger Elves to help fight the Iron Circle. As it so happened, Tyria was a member of the Woodsinger tribe, and she decided to join them permanently.

During the Harkenwold adventure, Dak was killed. But the heroes were still able to rid the Harkenwold of the Iron Circle and free Baron Stockmer. They returned to Fallcrest as true heroes.

Back in Fallcrest, Markelhay asked them to clear some bandits out of Brightstone Keep and then gave it to them as reward. The heroes were also alerted to a problem at the Septarch’s Tower in Fallcrest, where they found that Nimozaran the Green and Tobolar Quickfoot had been killed by Tobolar’s necromancy experiments. Niir has since been made the Septarch of Fallcrest.

The heroes were also approached by their friend Serim Selduzar, a tiefling merchant. He and his friends had heard troubling rumors about the Markelhays, and they had begun to fear for the safety of the city. Selduzar paid the heroes to investigate the ruins of the Lonely Tower in Fallcrest where they found some possible evidence linking the Markelhays to devious acts. He’s now asked them to go to the city of Brindol, where it’s rumored that more evidence might show the Markelhays as a threat.



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